Global Alumni Program Leader
  John Vetterli
  Partner, New York, São Paulo
  + 1 212 819 8200

  Alumni Program Manager
  Graziella Reis-Trani
  + 1 212 763 1749

  Global, 2016, Issue 1
  Global, 2015, Issue 2
  Global, 2015, Issue 1
  Global, 2014, Issue 1
  Global, 2013, Issue 2
  Global, 2013, Issue 1
  Global, 2012, Issue 2
  Global, 2012, Issue 1
  Global, 2011, Issue 1
  Moscow, 2010, Issue 1
  Global, 2010, Issue 2
  Global, 2010, Issue 1

  2015 Annual Review
  Social Responsibility Review

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About the Alumni Program

Our Alumni web site offers information about our latest firm news, Alumni newsletters and Alumni updates. Alumni events offer opportunities to participate in social gatherings that encourage professional and social networking. Check back for new event postings from time-to-time.

Our Alumni are important to us because they are a part of our history, our past and our future. We believe that it's difficult to move forward without knowing where you came from.

It is important to us that we stay in touch with you. If you have moved, changed your phone number or email address recently, please take a moment to send us an email with your current contact information.

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